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Hi Dave, this is a great product! A total surprise, because when I opened the forum's list, I just knew no more than 10 of the 123 you found! And with your 16 pages guide to market on these forums, it will be even easier to try. Another good thing is that you can sell digital products, or physical products on these forum.

And what to say about the bonuses? 255 PLR ebooks and 100,000 PLR articles! Someone asked more just for one of these two packages, but you got them all for free! A mind changing guide, I'm happy to have found your thread!

Alessandro Zamboni
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I am finally releasing my huge list of Buy & Sell Forums to the public and you are getting it first!

BST Forums 123

BST Forums 123 is a massive list of more than 120 forums where you can sell both Physical and Digital products and services, and most of them FOR FREE! The list covers various different categories: from Internet Marketing to Video Games, from Pregnancy to Wedding, from Fashion to Fishing… I mean niches that you might not have even thought about.

Let's just name a few:

  • Internet Marketing
  • Savings
  • Website Flipping
  • Education
  • Music
  • Video Games
  • Makeup
  • Astronomy
  • Automobiles
  • Paper-Crafting
  • And many more...

The best part is that I have taken the time to classify the forums by Alexa rank, Category, Type and more. But that’s not all; you will receive the list in EXCEL format so that you can sort the content to your convenience.

Why Am I Giving My Secrets Away?

Because the list I’m giving you is so VAST that it would be hard for everyone to ever saturate the market!

There’s absolutely NOT any kind of reason to hide this amazing info from the world when there is room for each and everyone!

I am giving you an opportunity to make profit from my research and experience, and learn from my mistakes. You can simply hit the ground running with my all inclusive guide to Profits.

The list of buy sell trade forums given here are not limited to only sell digital products you can also promote real tangible products in some of the forum. I like the way he categorized each one based on the niche and gives me a better insight of what I would expect in each forum.

I'd definitely grab this report to give me a better range of exposure.

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BST Forums 123 + Huge PLR Package


Bonus#1: BST Forums 123 Special Report

Real, No Bull Facts, Explained in Layman's Terms! After reading the report, there will be nothing stopping you introducing your very own hot selling products, grow your business with these secret strategies and expand your business on the internet within a couple of days. It really is that simple - IF you know how!

In this short and to-the-point report I share with you how I made money with the list within 24 hours. I also share my experiences with the forums, what got me banned, suspended, so that you won’t have to repeat the same mistakes.

Bonus#2: 255 Unrestricted PLR Ebooks

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As if this wasn't actually a crazy deal on our part, I’m going to throw in a BIG fast action bonus to make it absolutely over-the-top ridiculous.

You'll get 255 niche eBooks, with Private Label Rights. So what can you can do with these eBooks?

  • Sell them for any price and keep 100% of the profits
  • Change them in any way you want
  • Make them your own product
  • Break them down into articles
  • Add them to membership sites
  • Use them as web or e-zine content
  • Offer them as a bonus
  • Build your list by giving them away
  • Sell them on auction sites
  • Publish them offline
  • And many more...

Bonus#3: 100,000 PLR Articles

(Yes! You read it right)

Did you ever think that in your wildest dreams someone would actually offer you 100,000 articles absolutely FREE? Yes! That’s more than one hundred thousand Private Label Rights articles in hundreds of niches, and there are so many things you can do with these articles.

You can combine them to form a report or an eBook, and sell the on the BST forums. Really, the possibilities are limitless.

Dave has put together a list of websites that you can use for doing a Buy or Sell of Digital or Physical products. I only knew about 10% of them . I will be working to setup some new income streams using this list.

The 2-bonus are quite easily worth more than the cost of this WSO.

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"How much would it be worth to you?"

Ok, forget each and everything you've read so far... honestly just don't think of anything else on this page... quit wondering about the cost... whether 'all this is true'... everything...

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